In general the people of this new diocese, Sultanpet, are of casual laborers; they spend their daily wages in food, dress and alcohol and some are even driven to drugs. Immorality among the people is very common; this leads to growth of AIDs and other sex related patients.

There is no saving mentality. Hence they do not spend much for the higher education of their children. Most of the children drop out or stop with high school. Hence they are unable to compete with others in securing Governmental or institutional jobs.

Most of the women go for the 100-days work of the Government scheme and earn little for their livelihood. A small number of people in this border area are tribals. They do not know of their rights in the society and correct knowledge about their development of their life.

In this poorer economical condition their faith seems to be, shallow and peripheral- seeking only favours from God and when comes to take up challenges according to the mind of the Gospel they are slackening.


They are confined to practicing some age-old customs of offering sacrifices; but they do not seem to relate their Christian faith with their daily social life. They seem to forfeit their faith for the sake of holding on to their prestige and also getting some benefits from the politicians.

There is neither social service society nor any other structures to ensure social and educational developmental set ups. There is only one diocesan school and eights schools run by the sisters.

There is only one ITI with only two professional courses and there is no college of art and sciences or any other professional colleges for higher education. Hence the number of school drop outs is increasing year after year. Several parishes need to be bifurcated and so need to build chapels, presbyteries social service units.

There are some companies where our Catholics are not given jobs since they do not come up to the educational or professional requirement of these companies. Also girls getting married in the early years of 20 are common in this area.

Immediate need


Our planning committee charts out the following needs of this Area. The following priorities could be tabled according to their importance:

  1. Animation/awareness programmes in various levels and on various social problems.
  2. Construction of the social service centre through which all types of developmental programmes could be carried out.
  3. Higher Education Centers