Though the Kolping India was started on the 15th May, 2014 in the diocese of Sultanpet, it is already working for more than 20 years in the region of our diocese. We have 37 Kolping families and 599 members in our diocese. Kolping project area comprises of 21 villages belonging to 8 Panchayaths and 4 municipalities.

Our Goal

  1. To increase household income, reduce malnutrition in children, improve living conditions in rural and isolated communities cut off from their sources of employment and social services, through the empowerment of women as wage earners and creation of jobs.
  2. Income generation interventions attempt to address poverty, unemployment, and lack of economic, to increase participants ability to generate income and secure livelihood.

To achieve this goal different Kolping families engage in variety of Income Generative Programs and small scale business according to their varying capacities. These Kolping families are engaged in different IGPs such as, making of candle, phenoil, soap powder, soap oil, agarbati, bleaching powder, produce seeds.

They find market for themselves. Women are engaged in tailoring which is supported by Kolping India for their self reliability. Trainings and awareness programs are conducted at different intervals to give skills to the members in doing these IGPs. Many of these Kolping families are actively involved in helping out in their respective parish level activities