Geography of Kerala

Kerala is located between latitudes 8 degree 18′ north and 12 degree 48′ north and longitudes 74 degree east 52′ and 72 degree 22′ east, this is a land of eternal beauty having 1.18 per cent of the country. It is on the tropical Malabar Coast of southwestern India. Tamil Nadu state is in east and Karnataka state is in north of Kerala. Due to its terrain and its physical features, it is dividing in east west cross-section into three district regions – hill & valleys midland plains and coastal region. Forests cover 27 per cent of the whole of Kerala. Some of the forests are so dense that their flora and fauna, in places such as Silent Valley, have not yet been completely assessed and recorded. Medicinal herbs, abundant in these forests, are used in Ayurveda.

Geography of Palakkad

The district of Palakkad is a multifarious district known for its history, natural resources, standard of education, tourist destinations and more over due to its rapid development in every field of economic development. Located in the heart of the state, the district adjoins Kerala to rest of the Indian States. The district has its own historical importance and has witnessed the development of Kerala since its inception when Kerala came into existence. Because of its location in the centre of the state the district enjoys all the developments which took place in the state. The economy of the district is an agricultural economy where almost 65% of the total population is engaged in the agricultural activities for their livelihood. Most of the population resides in the rural areas. Bharathapuzha is the main river which serves as the major source of irrigation for the development of the agricultural activities. The river originates from the high lands of the district and flow throughout the district.

Statistical Facts about Palakkad

Area ( in 4480
Population 2,617,072
Males 1,265,794
Females 1,351,278
Sex ratio : Females/1000 1068
Density of Population 584
Per Capita Income (in Rs) 18031
Literacy rate 84.31%; (Male 89.73%; Female 79.31%)
Coastal line in km. Nil
Water bodied area in ha. 10,920
Forest area in ha. 136257
Assembly Constituencies 1. Thrithala, 2. Pattambi , 3. Ottappalam , 4. Sreekrishnapuram, 5. Malampuzha, 6. Palakkad, 7. Mannarkkad, 8. Chittor, 9. Kollankode, 10. Kuzhalmandam , 11. Alathur