Children’s parliament is one of the programme of Kuttikoottam. A group of children between the age group of 11-18 gathered together and form a Children’s Parliament. It functions just like a parliament. Each one will take one ministry for themselves and get the knowledge of the same ministry and work for their development in their village in this regards by giving awareness.

This we can term it as the general body and the decision making members of kuttikuttam. Like elder brothers and sisters, they are the one who lead their younger brothers and sisters in kuttikoottam. For the Ministry Some of the able and elder children are chosen and are assigned with certain designations.

This list include Prime minister, Finance minister, communication minister, Health minister, Arts and Sports minister, Health minister, Education minister and so on. They are given certain functions for the better functioning of the parliament.

Children’s parliament is a part of the struggle for good governance. The main aim of this parliament is to make children aware of their right to participation. It aims at imbibing in children right values, help them to take responsibilities, to help them not to become part of the problem but enable them to become part of solving the problem.

It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to develop right sense of citizenship, to grow by understanding their rights and duties and thus become good citizens of the nation. With the inauguration of Children’s Parliament in SMSSS, our DSSS has become a model for all the other DSSS in this field.