Programmer Sponsored By Caritas India (Afford)

AFFORD is the abbreviation of Action for Family Orientation, Revitalization and Development of the Marginalized of Sultanpet Diocese which is the Project given by Caritas India. This is the first project of Caritas India to SMSSS, started in the month of October, 2014.

The target group of this project is women, landless agricultural laborers and marginal farmers. The target sector includes 8 Panchayaths, 21 villages, 6700 families of Palakkad district. Afford Project is going smoothly according to the prescriptions of Caritas India.

All the requirements of Caritas India with regard to the 1st year activities of this project (leadership programs, interface meetings, vocational training- tailoring, fabric painting, and mushroom cultivation) are going to be successfully completed by the end of September.

Interface meetings have improved the public involvement in community activities and increased their knowledge of various topics. We have achieved something to benefit the marginalized women in the area of leadership, skill development etc.