1. To ensure the quality education of the children of partner families till graduation
    1. Career guidance at school, parish and vicariate levels
    2. Tuition centres in parishes
    3. Community College at vicariate level
    4. Vicariate level training for PSC/entrance/staff service selection/soft skill training exams, targeting to develop a centre of excellence (e.g. Pala Diocese)
    5. Guiding students to professional courses – develop a centre
    6. Educational sponsorship programme
  2. Formation and strengthening of women SHGs and Federations to ensure their participation in the decision making process and for the promotion of gender mainstreaming
    1. Formation of SHGs within one year in 70 parishes, 5 each  350
    2. Make use of BCCs to form SHGs
    3. Training to the new groups – leadership, and skill training
    4. IGPs for women
  3. To ensure affordable and accessible health care to the partner families
    1. Medical camps at parish level
    2. Medical awareness programmes in association with Palana Hospital
    3. Health insurance programmes
    4. De-addiction programmes
    5. Awareness programmes on water contamination, health and hygiene
    6. Intervention to prevent HIV/AIDS and support programmes for the infected and affected
    7. Research for and preservation of indigenous health practices
  4. To create IGPs and employment opportunities for unemployed youth through training, linkage and collaboration
    1. Career guidance & technical skill training
    2. Collaboration with small scale and large scale industries
    3. Starting SSIs
    4. Labour Bank
    5. Small saving scheme
    6. Motivation and training with experts
    7. Poultry / like initiatives
  5. To conduct awareness programmes on relevant and socially important issues
    1. Alcoholism – classes, accompaniment and treatment – developing a Centre
    2. Health – HIV/AIDS – govt. collaboration – awareness, intervention, rehabilitation centre
    3. Money management – saving mentality developing, home budgeting
  6. Judicious management of natural resources, sustainable agriculture and food safety
    1. Awareness about environmental purity and protection
    2. Implementing govt. projects – RWH, Solar etc.
    3. Guidance regarding agriculture, plantation, soil test etc
    4. Plantation of trees – Green India
    5. Bringing up cows, goats etc. to generate income, manure and power
    6. Promotion of Organic farming
    7. Food processing and value addition
  7. To organize tribals for sustainable development
    1. Awareness camps
    2. Support group for the just causes
  8. To organize Senior citizens groups and ensure their mainstreaming
    1. Home for the aged
    2. Day Care Centres
    3. Medical aid for senior citizens
    4. Awareness programmes for their children
    5. Make them accessible to various schemes – govt. & otherwise
    6. Special programmes at parish level